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İsotlar Group stepped into the motorcycle industry as a distributor in 2004 and showed its influence in the motorcycle segment with the distributorship of Peugeot Motocycles Turkey in 2016. Continuing on its way with the mission of meeting all kinds of needs of urban transportation, İsotlar Group has strengthened its position in the motorcycle field by becoming the distributor of brands such as Brixton, Lambretta, UM, Malaguti, Govecs, Horwin and BSA after 2017.

  • Peugeot Motocycles

    With the power gained its 200-year history and innovations, Peugeot Motocycles solves environmental and transportation problems and shapes the motorcycles of the future with the assurance of İsotlar Motor. Isotlar Motor Automotive A.Ş., a company of Isotlar Group. is the General Distributor of Peugeot Motocycles in Turkey.

  • Brixton

    Austria-based motorcycle manufacturer KSR is the brand owner and worldwide distributor of Brixton Motorcycles. The Brixton Motorcycles brand was established in 2015 and was first introduced in Milan. “Rebel, stylish and ready for any adventure”; these are the core brand values ??of the new brand “BRIXTON Motorcycles”. The brand draws inspiration retro roadster motorcycles for its designs.

  • Lambretta

    Lambretta is a motorcycle manufacturer based in Italy. Lambretta Company was founded by Ferdinando Innocenti in 1947 in Milan, Italy. Production started in 1947 and the brand took its name the Lambrate district of Milan, where its factory is located.

  • BSA
  • UM

    UM® Motorcycles deeply believes that every person's self-expression should be reflected in the motorcycle he rides, that a motorcycle should transcend the obvious and elevate the rider's personality, only thus the spark in people can conquer the world every day, no matter which road they take.

    UM® Motorcycles, was first manufactured in 2000 in Miami, Florida. After nearly two decades of travel, UM® is proud of the way it has taken. During this time, UM® has had its ups and downs, just like any other human effort. Today UM® is a brand built on a commitment to creating unique motorcycles that can positively impact their customers' lives by making them feel authentic, adventurous and proud.

    Leadership and Brand Vision of the Company
    Our vision is to ignite the passion of the employees and customers worldwide by offering beautifully designed and innovative motorcycles, services and experiences that will enrich our customers' lives. To realize this vision, at UM® we strive to recruit and retain the best people to build a great team driven by an ethical, safe and customer-focused approach. UM® is managed by a US-based Executive Team and Board of Directors, who provide guidance, direction and leadership to the Global Team to realize the Company's vision.

    How We Reach Our Customers
    Our products are distributed through a global network of independent Country Distributors who provide great customers and experiences.

    UM® has more than 2,000 UM® Stores in nearly 40 countries. These are Stores that display, sell and deliver our motorcycles, as well as providing experience and service. Our Country Distributors and Dealers represent the UM® brand and build relationships with our most valuable stakeholder, the UM® Customer.

  • Govecs

    GOVECS is the European leader in electric mobility solutions for free-floating sharing, rental and delivery services. The brand’s research and development center in Stuttgart, Germany develops software and mobility concepts, as well as cloud- and fleet management solutions for a variety of industries and design iconic e-scooters for private customers. The Govecs production sites in Poland and Spain breath life into their e-scooters and make sure you benefit sophisticated technology and highest quality.


    As one of the leading e-scooter manufacturers in Europe, climate protection is one of the core matters for Govecs. That’s why we constantly strive for solutions to reduce the ecological footprint to a minimum. The brand’s sustainability journey began with a comprehensive approach to avoid unnecessary emissions during the production and supply chain processes and to live a climate-friendly culture.Today, we go beyond this and support different climate projects with the aim of offering you a climate neutral fleet.



    Our fleet management, GOVECS Fleet, allows you to easily collect and analyze all necessary data your e-scooters. With real-time data, you always stay informed about battery status, e-scooter location, and overall vehicle status. All your data is transferred via our GOVECS Cloud where all your data is securely stored in Germany.



    For maximum performance, our e-scooters are designed with high-quality batteries, innovative motors and drivetrains, manufactured for example by BOSCH. In addition, we designed our own GOVECS Core drivetrain. Every job is different and we are confident that your demands for performance and acceleration are different other companies or industries. We have the right solution for every purpose. However some facts will always remain the same: advanced and durable technology, regain of greater energy efficiency, plus high-quality lithium-ion batteries, thus your fleet is up, running and running.

  • Malaguti

    Malaguti is an Italian bicycle, scooter and motorcycle company based in San Lazzaro di Savena, founded by Antonino Malaguti in 1930. 

    From the back of his repair shop, Antonino Malaguti experimented with bicycles before creating his first range of motorcycles. And by 1958, Malaguti soul was arriving on streets all around the world.

    Today, everything is different, but nothing has changed. There’s an unmistakable spirit that brings together Malaguti bikes across time. A unique heart, soul and energy that lives in each one, the first off the line in Antonino’s workshop, to the new generation ready to ride today. We call it the Spirit of Bologna.

  • Horwin

    At HORWIN we are convinced that the future belongs to electric mobility. Innovations, quality and reliability play a central role.

    At HORWIN we bundle the best of two worlds: Nowhere else the demands and standards for products are as high as in Europe. Nowhere else the technological developments in e-mobility are as advanced as in China.

    Our headquarters, where the vehicles are designed and produced, is located in China. Our European sales center is located in Austria, which is also significantly involved in vehicle development. We implement the highest standards in the areas of material quality, comfort, design, safety and reliability. Finally high-tech and practical innovations, that are suitable for everyday use, put the typical HORWIN stamp on the vehicles.