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Isotlar Group Held Sustainable Future Workshop

Isotlar Group Held Sustainable Future Workshop


Isotlar Group held the Sustainable Future Workshop, which was postponed due to the effect of the pandemic, after 2 years.


Isotlar Group, which has authorized sales and service services for the world's leading brands, held the Sustainable Future Workshop after a two-year hiatus with the participation of Hakan Isot, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Isotlar Group, and senior executives Istanbul, Adana, Kayseri and Osmaniye. The workshop, where the impact of the pandemic on the automotive, motorcycle industry and Isotlar Group work was discussed, brand strategies were evaluated and future targets were determined, was held in a hotel in Cyprus between 14-16 January. After the executive presentations, the teams that showed success with their high performance throughout the year were presented their awards.


“I would like to thank our esteemed managers and teammates”


Transforming with the pandemic and making its name known as the leading institution in digitalization in the automotive and motorcycle sectors with the effect of this transformation, Isotlar Group evaluated its brand strategies and culture at the "Sustainable Future Workshop". The sustainability ideas, policies, strategies, and brand vision and mission that emerged at the end of the workshop were updated and new targets were determined.


Isotlar Group Chairman of the Board, Hakan İsot, who states that he is happy to evaluate and renew ourselves with the corporate workshops held regularly every year, offers contributions to our vision and mission as well as the data obtained after the meeting. I would like to thank our esteemed managers and teammates who have been with us throughout the year with their work.”


“We Turned Crises into Opportunities with Our Transforming Vision”


Stating that he has closely experienced the uncertainty and anxiety prevailing all over the world with the effect of the pandemic, Isotlar Group Deputy General Manager Muammer Kavas said, “We have succeeded in overcoming the effects of this period on us thanks to our brand vision, understanding, clear stance and agility. Within the scope of the Sustainable Future Workshop, we came together with Isotlar Group executives to develop our culture and internalize our values.” he added.


Emphasizing that they aim to transform the experiences we gained the days of uncertainty and variability into opportunities by updating the corporate culture, Kavas said, “As the players of a great team, we will continue to create value for our customers with our endurance, agility and entrepreneurial spirit.” said.

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