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Isotlar Group has implemented its project that supports recycling!

Operating as one of the Turkey representatives of Volkswagen, Audi, Volkswagen Commercial, Skoda, Seat, Renault, Dacia, DOD and D-Expert, one of the world's leading automotive brands, Isotlar Group is one of its investments in recycling by covering its roofs with solar power plants (GES). made a new one.


It is aimed to meet the entire electricity consumption of the branch thanks to the GES project with a capacity of 5,000 KW, which is ongoing in the Aykan-Kayseri branch.


“We will continue our investments for the future with our innovative perspective”


“As Isotlar Group, we are already making investments that support recycling in our own brands and representative offices for a cleaner environment. In this sense, we have been conducting in-depth research on investing in solar energy systems for a long time,” said Ziya Turan, Director of Management and Planning of Isotlar Group, emphasizing that their goal is to set an example for other brands in the sector.


Stating that they aim to contribute to the company's economy with this investment in solar energy systems for the recycling of natural resources, Turan said, "We completed the first leg of our 5,000 KW SPP Project at Aykan's Kayseri branch. In the continuation of the project, one of our facilities in Adana; Our installations will be made in Renault-Dacia, Skoda, Volkswagen, Audi and DOD. Within the scope of our project, which also supports recycling to Isoto showrooms, another brand of Isotlar Group operating in the field of second hand, GES application will be carried out. As a group, we will continue our investments for the future with our innovative perspective.”


About Isotlar Group


Since 1965, Isotlar has been carrying out its activities with the distributorship, authorized dealership and after-sales services of the world's leading automotive and motorcycle brands. It has achieved stable growth by transferring the experience it gained with brands with product variety to new investments in operational studies that have been going on for years.


In addition to the automotive and motorcycle industry, İsotlar Tarım, which was established in 2006 to carry out agricultural activities in the Çukurova region, is another important investment area of ??the group.

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