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Aykan Kagithane Showroom Coming Soon!

Aykan continues to grow with its new showroom

Representing the Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, Volkswagen Commercial, Seat, AykanDOD and D-Expert brands with their comprehensive centers scattered across the regions of Turkey, Aykan is preparing to present its new facility, which will be opened in Kağıthane with a total area of ??29,400 m², to automobile lovers.

Isotlar Group, which has been representing the world's leading brands in Turkey since 1965; continues its sales and after-sales services in automotive under the Aykan brand. Car lovers are excited by the new facility that Aykan will open in Kağıthane, where he will also offer sales and after-sales services.


“We are always after the better”


Aykan, which hosts respected brands followed by the world in Turkey; Skoda and Volkswagen service area 11.950 m², Skoda Showroom 1.500 m², Volkswagen Showroom 2.700 m², DOD 700 m², indoor parking lot 9.200 m², open car park 1.900 m² and ground parking 1.450 m², with a total area of ??29,400 m² in Kağıthane, the preparations for the new Showroom in Kagithane. continues.


Hakan İsot, Chairman of the Board of Isotlar Group, who stated that they are after the better in order to protect their structure that always renews and develops itself as well as its deep-rooted stance, said, “As Isotlar Group, with our Aykan brand, Audi in 4 different cities in Turkey, namely Adana, Kayseri, Osmaniye and Istanbul. We provide an actual service for the sales and after-sales services of Volkswagen, Skoda, Volkswagen Commercial, Seat, AykanDOD brands. Frankly, it is a great honor for us that the structure that was established in 1956 by my late father Osman İsot, who is the architect of all these works, grows day by day and creates a serious employment in Turkey. Our new facility in Kağıthane will employ an average of 250 people who are experts in their fields, with a large land of 29,400 m².” he stated.


“We will continue to increase our facilities”


“Our staff in our showrooms are focused on providing 100% customer satisfaction with a continuous value-oriented service approach. We especially express that we do our best to maintain the quality of the sales and after-sales services we provide on behalf of the brands we represent, while increasing our facilities and providing employment. We think that we have returned this love to our teammates and guests who believed in us and grew with us, with our new showroom.” Stating that, İsot concluded by emphasizing that Aykan's Kağıthane branch is an important and valuable investment for the İsotlar Group.


About Isotlar Group


Since 1965, Isotlar has been carrying out its activities with the distributorship, authorized dealership and after-sales services of the world's leading automotive and motorcycle brands. It has achieved stable growth by transferring the experience it gained with brands with product variety to new investments in operational studies that have been going on for years.


In addition to the automotive and motorcycle industry, İsotlar Tarım, which was established in 2006 to carry out agricultural activities in the Çukurova region, is another important investment area of ??the group.

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