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  • Volkswagen

    Aykan, a company of Isotlar Group, provides sales and after-sales services of Volkswagen brand passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in Kayseri, Osmaniye, Seyhan and Incirlik locations in Turkey. With its expert personnel and advanced technical equipment, it operates with the policy of providing perfect service to all Volkswagen customers.

  • Skoda
  • Audi

    As a part of Aykan Motor Service Ltd., a company of Isotlar Group. Şti., Audi Aykan offers prestige and quality together and attracts the admiration of its customers with its stylish architecture. It operates with the principle of providing unconditional customer satisfaction at every stage by establishing long-term relationships with its customers.

  • Cupra

    Aykan Motor bünyesinde bulunan Cupra markasıyla Kayseri ve İç Anadolu Bölgesi'nin diğer illerine satış ve servis hizmeti vermektedir. Eğitimli kadrosu ve 16.800 m² kapalı 4500 m² düzenlenmiş açık alandan oluşan konsept mağazada Cupra markası için yapılmış showroomu ile Aykan, kaliteli hizmet vermeye ve samimi müşteri ilişkileri kurmaya devam etmektedir.

  • Seat

    Isotlar Group provides sales and after-sales services for Seat brand to Kayseri and other cities of the Central Anatolian Region by Aykan Motor. Aykan continues to provide quality service and establish sincere customer relations with its trained staff and a showroom built for the Seat brand within the concept store consisting of 16.800 m² closed and 4500 m² organized open space.

  • Renault

    Isotlar Renault continues its authorized sales, service and spare parts activities for Renault passenger and light commercial vehicles. İsotlar Renault provides services with its expert staff in Renault Plaza Adana, in a 1500 m² closed showroom and 2500 m² service area.

  • Dacia

    In Adana, Isotlar Group continues to grow stronger with the addition of the Dacia brand in 2012. With the sales and after-services it offers, it has gained the trust of the consumers and has a loyal customer base. The most important feature that gives privilege to the business is that, in order to achieve superior competitive power, its employees adopt innovative and customer-oriented service as the aim of the organization.

  • Dod

    Bringing a brand new concept to the used-car sector, Isotlar aims to create a sales value that will satisfy both sides in the vehicles purchase and sales transaction, by closely monitoring used-car prices with the DOD brand. In addition to the supply of accessories, inspection of the desired vehicle, vehicle appearance renewal and insurance services, DOD also provides used-car loans under favorable terms for every brand of vehicle.


    ISOTO provides used-car purchase, sale and exchange services under a corporate structure. Its expert staff checks all vehicles to be sold thoroughly, the engine to the electrical equipment.